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How to Store a Vehicle with South Deer Isle Storage

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Car Storage Tips

Clean Your Car Prior to Storing

Step one in preparing your car for long or short term storage is to clean and wax your car inside and out. Watch out for dust and dirt on the exterior which can damage paint jobs over long periods of time. Even the interior should be thoroughly cleaned beforehand to prevent musty odors from developing while the car is in storage. Use a protective cleaning product on vinyl surfaces to keep them from drying out.


Perform Routine Maintenance

Vehicles are typically valuable items. Old or classic cars can hold sentimental value in addition to monetary value in many cases. To maintain that value, it’s highly recommended that you thoroughly prep your car for storage by performing routine maintenance tasks, such as.


Disconnect the Battery

Car batteries will lose their charge over time if the car isn’t driven regularly. Obviously, this can be a problem when it comes to storing a car long term. The exact time it takes for a battery to discharge depends on factors like battery age, climate and type of vehicle. Some batteries can lose charge in as little as 2-4 weeks. Save yourself the hassle! Keep your battery fresh by disconnecting the battery terminals after the car is in place.


Invest in a Car Cover

For extra protection, we recommend purchasing a car cover for your vehicle. Car covers are effective at protecting a car’s exterior from harsh sunlight, rain, dust and other hazardous elements. 

South Deer Isle Vehicle Storage agreement:

If the Occupant stores any automobile, truck, boat, ATV or any other item that has a motor in it, the Occupant shall place a drip pan under any possible sources of leaks. The Occupant shall also disconnect the negative terminal of the battery or remove the battery from the personal property item. No gas will be stored with the vehicle.

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